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Women Suede Style Jackets
Effortlessly stylish and exceptionally comfortable, suede jackets for women are a must-have wardrobe essential for the winter. Real leather and dexterous craftsmanship goes into the making to promise you a timeless and high-quality product. Come discover a range of finest women’s suede jackets at Falcon Jackets that are simply irresistible.
Know Your Leather and Finishing
Goatskin and Lambskin are mostly used in production of suede leather jackets that are durable and resilient to abrasion than other types. Suede jackets are comparably softer than other types of women’s leather jackets; designed for flexibility, ease of wearing and carrying while being a perfect fit for both casual and semi-formal occasions.

At Falcon Jackets, we have suedes with special quilted viscose linings which gives a luxury feel and breathable aura. Stitching, trimming and furnishing are performed in the traditional manner which gives these women suede jackets a subtle feel that’s true to the fashionable winter outerwear.
Pick Your Colour, Style and Design
Each women’s suede jacket comes with a distinct collar style and accents to cool zipper and button patterns that speaks of a unique and geometric design. Falcon Jackets also gives you the choice to pick from the more rustic and dandy look or, go along with a more contemporary fashion of the modern world.

Suede jackets are available in many different styles that range between biker bombers, vintage, shearlings and more. Multiple pockets allow ease of carrying your favorite handy items, thus adding functionality to your suedes. Colours you’d fall for include black and brown suede jackets to mocha, tan, green and navy blue.