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Leather Coats and Jackets
Falcon Jackets gives you a huge variety and multiple categories of stylish men’s trench coats, overcoats and long leather jackets for men to revive the retro fashion wear. In terms of style and silhouette, a wide range in men’s shearling coats and jackets can be selected in exciting colours from black leather coats and brown long leather coats to dark blue, khaki, deep red and many others.
Let Your Wardrobe Make a Statement
A stylish yet finest alternative to winter woollen sweaters are long leather coats that are a must-have to keep you warm during icy-chill season. Handcrafted from the finest material and precision, men’s leather trench coats and long jackets are excellent insulators to keep you going during the winter while carrying a style and statement that’s sure to impress.
Available in Different Colours and Length
Other than the type and quality of leather, long coats are available in traditional favourite colours from black, brown and tan; giving you an edge and a choice in luxury winter wear. Long leather coats with hoodies and fur collars adds an extra layer of style and comfort being definite showstoppers. These can be worn effortlessly on denim and leather boots whereas long leather coats with belts and multiple pockets are sure to make it a worthy investment for a winter wear.
Pick and Preferences
While dating back to the 60’s or even earlier, long leather coats and jackets for men have evolved significantly with each fashion-era creating a signature style. For that typical gentlemen look, leather overcoat for men with a perfect fit is tailored specifically to meet certain preferences.

Falcon Jackets offers the biggest variety of men’s leather jackets in different finishes and dye effects. Each product is given special attention-to-detail to make sure your investment in stylish winter wear is worthy.