Simple and Stylish Men’s Leather Blazers
Leather blazers for men at Falcon Jackets are available in different designs ranging between simple and decorative patterns for a creative edge. Blazers appeal to men for being extra casual and functional that immediately sets a new tone in the world of stylish fashion wear and gets you going effortlessly. Men’s Leather Blazers are stylish and easy to wear.

We also have eye-catching and creative design blazers in a variety of colours to make for an interesting wardrobe. Whether you chose black leather blazers for men or prefer the traditional tan or brown, the product is made from high-quality material like cowhide, sheepskin, lambskin or buffalo hide.
Origin and Evolution
Leather blazers and reefers have long been a symbol of fashion and elegance, being a timeless casual wear. Its origins dates back all the way to 1825 when it was introduces as a sports coat and immediately grabbed attention of fashionistas and creative designers in the world of clothing and apparel.

Genuine Men’s Leather Blazers come with buttons or a fastening zipper to give you a choice either to keep the front closed or open. Achieve a tailored and elegant look with our finest collection of slim fit or regular leather blazers in careful and clever cutting.